What Our Students Have to Say

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When my child started taking lessons with Bal, it improved her confidence much more as Bal helps with exam technique as well.She was doing well at her school and did really well in GCSEs as well but A level science being more tough ..she found Bal’s guidance very useful to keep up her grades.Thank you Bal!

Deepika Dandamudi
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Bal is an amazing tutor and I would of never achieved the same grade without his teaching and support. His classes were very useful and taught me how to approach the exams without too many issues. Excellent at helping you understand the content and has a very good understanding of the whole specification, mark schemes. Furthermore, very good at teaching the application of exam techniques. I would say he is one of the best tutors I came across. I would definitely recommend him for GCSE and A-level Biology.

Karim Ahmed
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Bal is excellent tutor he has helped my son in his GCSE getting A. Bal is very approachable and supportive in every possible way, he goes out of his way to help students and parents. Not to forget now Bal is tutoring my daughter for GCSE. He’s always committed to his students no matter what the situation is! During COVID he started online lessons which me and my kids love it as it saves us time for travelling and kids don’t miss out on their lessons. Thanks Bal again for your efforts. You are an excellent teacher keep it up 👌

Saima Riasat

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Bal is a dedicated Teacher who is patient, understanding and has teaching methods which develop and enables a child to improve their knowledge and grades. My son achieved an an A in Biology A -levels, I would highly recommend tuition by Bal.

Sita Sanger

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I started with Bal back in 2017 during the summer before Year 13 as a student who was struggling to get to grips with A-level Biology, especially with the introduction of the new specification. I finished Year 13 with an A* in Biology and the top mark in my year thanks to Bal! I am now studying Medicine at King’s College London. His guidance was always on point, and he always knew how best to deliver content. His expertise in exam technique and the exam mark schemes really helped me overcome my biggest problem – I couldn’t seem to give the model mark scheme answer, no matter how much I understood the topic! By the time I came to the exam, I was able to answer every single question in complete confidence, knowing I was using the right terminology, all of which I couldn’t have done without Bal. His knowledge of the specification meant he also organised his teaching in the most stress-free way; you can always be sure you will finish and fully understand all content well in advance! Lastly I am hugely grateful for Bal’s amazing help when it came to my EPQ, during which Bal did a brilliant job teaching me the basics of research and academic writing. That was another A* in the bag too, and his advice continues to inform the projects I take part in now as a third year Medical student! Big thank you Bal, couldn’t have done it without you!

Lynn Almasri

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Absolutely brilliant tutor. My daughter who had Baljit smashed her GCSE and A level s with A star ⭐️ grades and is now studying medicine at a top University xx

Amrit Dhanjal
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Excellent tuition, managed to achieve very high grades in A level biology. Good understanding of the whole specification, mark scheme and application of exam technique. Would recommend for anyone doing GCSE or A level bio.

Karim Samir

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Bal is not only an excellent tutor but also a great guy. He has the potential to help students achieve very high grades and his teaching skills are extraordinary. He has successfully helped my child to attain a high GCSE grade previously within a short period and once again his services are being deployed. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mohammed Ramzan

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Bal is an incredible A level biology tutor. He provided excellent & detailed notes as well as challenging question packs for each topic we did which helped push my exam technique. I would highly recommend Bal to anyone doing A Level Biology!

Emma Moore

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I went for a few weeks just before my A level Biology exam and Bal really helped to secure any areas of my knowledge that were weak/that the textbook didn’t explain throughly by providing for me his own notes which went outside of the specification to create a better understanding. He also went through exam style questions for each topic giving tips and tricks and even predicted the essay question correctly. Helped secure my A- definitely recommend.

Ishani Basu

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